Essay Excellence is a service that helps high school seniors, undergraduates and college seniors express themselves articulately and intelligently, whether in the college application, in the personal statement required for all MBA, law and medical school programs, or in essays or papers needed in humanities-based courses.

Lynda Rich Spiegel, owner of Essay Excellence, is a former high school AP English instructor and adjunct professor of English at The City University of New York, as well as a corporate/marketing communications writer and editor with 14 years’ experience in financial services. When you hire Essay Excellence, you work directly with Lynda to receive personal, hands-on coaching, specific suggestions for topics, and editorial help.

Essay Excellence offers two specific services:

  • College Admissions Essay Help with the essay(s) on your college (or graduate school) admissions application
  • Essay Review Service Tutorial assistance with essays or papers you’ve been assigned once you’ve been accepted to school.

Essay Excellence specializes in working with students from outside the United States in helping them gain confidence in expressing themselves in colloquial English. International Students will benefit from Lynda’s experience as a teacher of English as a Second Language.

It’s simple to work with Essay Excellence.

Recent Posts

Is Writing the Personal Statement your Biggest Concern?

Is writing the  Personal Statement your biggest concern? Has your guidance counselor started giving you advice about how to write it? Are your parents insisting that you let your older brother, successful second cousin or even a well-meaning friend edit and advise you? For most of us, this is true, and unfortunately, is the wrong tactic. Here’s why: a friend or a relative, no matter how good a writer, has no objectivity and may have a hidden agenda about what you write – (remember how Uncle Stan overcame his difficulties to succeed? – write about him!) – while your guidance counselor is simply not a professional writer.

There are hundreds of services on line that will help you – objectively and professionally. So why should you opt for EssayExcellence? For one, pricing is simple and reasonable. You don’t need a calculator to figure out what expert help will cost you: there is one price for the long essay and one price for the short ones. While other sites charge close to $1000 to get you through the application process, EssayExcellence helps you shape your ideas, advises you on topic, cleans up your writing, and allows your voice to shine through.

Bottom line: your guidance counselor (not Cousin Harold, the ivy League graduate) is your best resource for selecting the best schools for you. EssayExcellence is your best resource for getting the essays and personal statement written the way you want, at a reasonable cost and without any confusion as to what you will pay.

Visit EssayExcellence.net today to learn more.

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