Essay Excellence is a service that helps high school seniors, undergraduates and college seniors express themselves articulately and intelligently, whether in the college application, in the personal statement required for all MBA, law and medical school programs, or in essays or papers needed in humanities-based courses.

Lynda Rich Spiegel, owner of Essay Excellence, is a former high school AP English instructor and adjunct at The City University of New York, as well as a corporate communications writer and editor. She earned her B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester and her M.A. in English from Queens College. When you hire Essay Excellence, you work directly with Lynda to receive personal, hands-on coaching, specific suggestions for topics, and editorial help. Essay Excellence is different from other online writing mills because you work with Lynda and you can verify her credentials.

Essay Excellence offers three specific services:

  • College Admissions Essay Help with the essay(s) on your college (or graduate school) admissions application
  • Essay Review Service Tutorial assistance with essays or papers you’ve been assigned once you’ve been accepted to school.
  • International Student expertize Essay Excellence specializes in working with students from outside the United States in helping them gain confidence in expressing themselves in colloquial English. English as a Second Language students will benefit from Lynda’s experience as an ESL teacher.

It’s simple to work with Essay Excellence.


Recent Posts

International Students Personal Statement Challenges

If you are reading this blog post from your home in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, or any of the countries where highly capable students hope to study in the United States, you all share the same difficulty. How can you portray yourself to an American Admissions Committee so that your intelligence, motivation and abilities come through clearly when English is your second language?

Having worked with non-U.S. students for many years, both in ESL classes here in the United States and via email with EssayExcellence, I notice that international students have an impressive grasp of English grammar, often far superior to that of native English speakers! These students send me their essays and ask me to make sure that the grammar and spelling are correct, and I rarely find any significant errors. The problem is nearly always one of awkward sentence structure and non-colloquial wording. This is easily fixed, and should never deter a non-U.S. student from applying to the undergraduate or graduate program he or she hopes to attend.

When I read your essay, I first make certain that I understand the points you are trying to make. Despite the language barrier, that is usually not too difficult, but through email exchanges, asking you questions and considering your responses, it doesn’t take long to clarify what you want to say. Then, I offer you choices of more colloquial sentence constructs and vocabulary, so that you both learn colloquial English and more immediately, you can be confident that the Admissions Committee gets an accurate picture of who you are and how you can contribute to their campus community.

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