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Are you a high school, undergraduate and graduate school student who needs help writing essays? We’re here to address all your essay writing needs.

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Required courses are great for broadening your horizons, but they can wreck havoc on your GPA. Many pre-med, pre-law and aspiring MBA majors are at a disadvantage in their required humanities courses that require written papers. It’s a fact that grades of B or C just won’t cut it when you’re applying to a graduate program. That’s where Essay Excellence can help by providing expert editorial assistance with your paper or essay. After an initial consultation about the topic of your assignment, we’ll discuss what needs to be done to make it worthy of an A grade.

Essay Excellence offers you help writing essays writing through the following services:

  • College Admissions Essay Help with the essay(s) on your college (or graduate school) admissions application
  • Essay Review Service Tutorial assistance with essays or papers you’ve been assigned once you’ve been accepted to school.
  • International Student expertize Essay Excellence specializes in working with students from outside the United States in helping them gain confidence in expressing themselves in colloquial English.
  • English as a Second Language students will benefit from Lynda’s experience as an ESL teacher.

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Chinese Students in United States: Challenges Will you Face?

international 300x94 Chinese Students in United States: Challenges Will you Face?

Challenges for Chinese Students in the United States

Are you a Chinese student in the United States? Concerned about the challenges you will face? A 2006 paper about Chinese students studying in the UK reveals the same challenges for those who study in the United States. Some of the issues identified as affecting the academic performance of Chinese students were clearly related to cultural differences on both sides: a limited understanding of Chinese culture by the faculty at the American school as well as cultural disconnect with respect to the expectations of Chinese students. Let’s break down the potential areas for misunderstanding.

How Student-Teacher Relationships Affect Chinese Students in the United States Chinese students in the United States must understand that American teachers and Chinese students view the relationship between very differently. Chinese students perceive their teachers as being too busy and uncaring. For their part, university teachers tend to perceive attempts on the part of Chinese students to engage their attention outside the classroom and office hours as demanding.

Study Skills Chinese students learn very different learning strategies in China tahn the study skills taught in the United States. American educators expect their students to demonstrate the ability to read critically and to form arguments and to structure essays and  which they then support. Therefore, critical analysis and problem solving are often identified as areas of weakness in Chinese students. Therefore, Chinese students who study in the United States may need to develop these skills.

Cooperative Learning (Group Work) Cooperative learning is a new experience for Chinese students in the United States; it is, however, a highly favored style of learning in American schools. Students may be uneasy at being evaluated as part of a group, when instruction in China is individual and competitive. Chinese students can learn to appreciate this style of learning as both a way to improve conversational English and to join in with the cultural norm.

Competence in English American college and university teachers experience difficulty in accurately grading the work of Chinese students in courses that require writing in English. While most Chinese students in the United States are here to earn science or math/engineering degrees, they are required to take a minimum number of English composition or literature classes. While Chinese students may understand course reading and discussion, they can not demonstrate the same high level of writing competence as native English speakers. Teachers are concerned with maintaining high standards and may be reluctant to give an A to a student whose ideas may be excellent, but whose ability to write in colloquial English is limited. Those same students, however, are concerned with the impact on their GPAs of grades lower than an A or A minus. These students rely on tutors providing the help they need to write well in English. This type of assistance is generally regarded as acceptable by professors for Chinese students who study in the United States.

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Reference: “Meeting the needs of Chinese students in British Higher Education.” Edwards, Viv & Ran, An. The University of Reading. 2006


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