Corporate human resources structure and operations at plant level should harmonize. The reason being that both of them depend on each other on the basis of a plant (Mount Ridge) acquiring personnel  with standard qualifications  to  realize its goals. On the other hand, personnel will work efficiently, with a corporate human resources system that develops and structures policies, programs and plans that describe roles of each operation in the plant. In the case of Newcombe, her approach to develop the human resource practices to govern performance helped the Executive management materialize its goals in three years as opposed to what it had envisioned (HRM Environment, n.d.).

Though Newcombe strategies enabled the plant to be successful in its three years of operation, for she was entitled to actualize both corporate and plant personnel procedures, policies and what was expected at each level of the operation, employees’ development benefits were not incorporated. If she had integrated, training and development of employees in her policies, then Johnson would have stayed in the plant for his efforts would have been realized and rewarded.

Mount Ridge followed a cost leadership business strategy, to lower its operations costs. The strategy could not relate with Human resource practice of awarding benefits to employees; since it was geared towards accumulating profits for future expansions, hence no profit plan for employees. (“HRM Environment,” n.d.).

In conclusion, the company’s expansion to the Northeast is likely to present issues in the Human resource strategies, if more cases like Johnson’s arise. To curb this dilemma and enhance employees’ satisfaction in their positions, Newcombe will have to develop legal procedures and policies that will enhance employees’ career developments to maintain valuable personnel.


An investment perspective of human resource management. n

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