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In our daily life, there are some people that claim they know things that they truly didn’t know. Socrates realized that the knowledge in this world is unlimited, and that one can always broaden his or her knowledge, essentially he realized that whatever you know is not the maximum achievement. He never said he knew everything. That is why he always was willing to learn something new or asking questions with no boundaries. That made him wiser than the others who thought they know what they did not know. Socrates quote depicts that he knew when people were ignorant, but rather they merely thought they were knowledgeable. In this time where life is controlled by technology–controlling almost all aspects of life and heavily aiding in all types of research, every day we’re hearing that something new is discovered; therefore, there is no way to claim that we know everything. It happens a lot in our where we find out that we actually do not know the things we assumed we know. I can easily see this in life of some people around me, it actually happened in one my classes this past Spring semester, out professor was ridiculing some of the students for thinking they knew the material. Sometimes they think they know something well, it turns out that they are wrong about it or they don’t know something, and they don’t try to ask for help that leads to failure for them.


I have to agree with Socrates’ address to the Athenians at his trail. Socrates does not settle for a less meaningful life because it is not worth living to him. Therefore he sentences his own death. He believed that personal and spiritual growths were essential to living, and he stuck to what he believed. I personally always take a lot of time when it comes to making choices in my life. I find it important to take your time when making a choice that impacts your life because these choices build your experience. I want my experience of life to be wise and enjoyable and I believe this is attainable by examining life choices. One example of a life choice I have made is examining my religion. I have been raised as a Jew and never questioned it. During my adolescence I came to wonder about the beliefs and practices of Judaisim. After examining the religion and whether I wanted to continue with practicing it, I decided I enjoyed the morals within the stories in the Torah and that I would continue practicing Judaisim. If I was not able to examine the religion and make a choice for myself this would hold me back from growing and a personal experience. So I believe a life without examination is simply not worth living.


Experimenting and creating a home altar was an experience that I would never forget.  In the beginning it seemed like I would have no trouble at all to do it but I soon found out how much of a difficult task it was to do.  There are several requirements one needs to have a home altar; including the fact that it had to be in a place with absolute silence and it had to be place with a clean and beautiful environment.  I looked through my entire house such as my kitchen, room, and dining room.  None of these places met the requirements for an altar.  But I found a small little area in my house with a view that overlooks my garden and I thought to myself how perfect this would be for an area of mediation.  I used this area and it was perfect for mediation.  This experience for me really improved my day and my overall attitude about life.  It made me look and take on aspects of my life in a different way.  This made me realize the significance and importance of an altar in Hinduism.  The altar allows a person to focus and meditate in a peaceful environment.  It can help clear one’s mind and it can have several advantages from having your own oasis.

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