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I need an essay around 1200 words. The class is Administrative law. This is my final essay I will be providing you the modules and course notes that you can read and get sense of what we do. But you must read all the modules that i will put in the files all are PDF file.when u used the modules make sure you put the name of the article or the cases that u used. I will just give you the instruction what my professor want here: ******** As the head of a governmental agency, you have decided that it is important that staff understand basic administrative law concepts in order to avoid major errors in decision making. This is especially important given the number of times the agency has been taken to court recently regarding administrative law issues. In an effort to forestall further litigation, you are compiling a manual to provide guidance and context.

Specifically, you will address the following questions:

1.)What is discretion? Include in your answer a discussion of how courts assess discretionary decisions.

2.)What is credibility? Include in your answer how to assess credibility.

3.)What is bias? Include in your answer how bias is determined.

4.)What is the extent of the duty to give reasons?

In order to assist the staff, you will refer to the relevant cases.

Your introductory section should include a discussion of procedural fairness and how administrative law principles are relevant to democratic practice.

This assignment is 1200 – 1250 words in length.

I don’t care how you format or structure it. Don’t get hung up on the fact that it is a “manual”.

As for how to properly cite the cases you refer to, just state the full name of the case in the body of your answer. That is all you need to do. If you’re referencing some of the articles we’ve read, cite them in any format you please.

Writer please follow instructions carefully please do good job thank you if you have any questions please message me

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